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The Falcon pipe originates from the United States, and was designed to produce a cool and dry smoke. This was realized by using an aluminium frame stem with a twisted inner stem. The Falcon was designed in 1936 and numerous counterparts were invented known as system pipes. The detachable bowl makes it into a so-called system-pipe. Some of these design have a futuristic look.

The production of the Falcon pipes starts after World War II in the United States. England joins in 1958 and it is there where the product is perfected. Especially in the 1960's the system pipe became a huge rage and every smoker owned at least one pipe of this type. The Falcon undoubtedly is market leader, but comaprative products were maded in pipe factories in France and Italy as well.

After 1970 the production declines. Pipe smoking becomes less popular, also the Falcon has lost its modern look. The American factory closes its doors and the production was taken over by the English factory. Finally the factory is solt to Merton of London in 1993. The manufacturing continues, although the output declined.

Especially in the past decennium the Falcon pipe became popular again. Young smokers discovered them as an ideal lightweight pipe with a modern appeal. Certainly the revival is due to the optimal characteristics of the pipe, also known as dry smokers. Next to the comfortable weight they smoke extraordinary cool and dry. For young smokers the pipe matches perfectly with their interest in the fifties.


The main characteristics of the Falcon is the detachable bowl that fits on a metal dish connected with the stem. This stem is made out of aluminium. The genuine Falcon pipe stem shows a twisted tube in the middle, going between a frame that gives the pipe its strength. The plastic mouth piece is sealed on the stem and can not be taken off.

The pipe is made in two versions: bent and straight. Both are available in a finish of metal colour versus a brown resembling the dark briar wood. Finally the factory offers a wide range of bowl shapes, sand blasted as well as smooth. In the past, pipe bowls also existed from genuine meerschaum as well as a meerschaum lined briar. Being limited in demand, these types are no longer in production.

The Amsterdam Pipe Shop selection

Amsterdam Pipe Shop offers all the Falcon shapes and bowl types still in production. The Falcon-customer can choose himself which type of pipe in which colour and with what sort of bowl is the most suitable. For smokers who like to smoke the Falcon system with a meerschaum bowl, we offer a well made alternative produced in Turkey having a block meerschaum bowl.

On the Falcon pipe the following article was written:

Don Duco, De revolutione of the system pipe, Amsterdam, 2006. (to be found on the website of the Pijpenkabinet Foundation in Amsterdam, Holland)

The eagle's head as logo for the Falcon pipe, including the slogan The Clean, Cool one.
Advertisement from a magazine for the Falcon dry smoker, 1974.
The characteristic Falcon system pipe with metal stem, Falcon, Brentford, England.
A great variation in pipe bowls. including meerschaum lined ones, Falcon, Brentford, England.
The Falcon dry smoker pipe in straight and bent version, Falcon, Brentford, England.
The different look when mounted with another bowl shape, Falcon, Brentford, England.
Modern product information for the Falcon pipe, 1998.

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