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Design Berlin


Pipes marked with Design Berlin are produced in a factory founded in 1948 by Hubert Hartmann. Not as late as about 1975 the mark DB DESIGN BERLIN was adopted. Gradually the factory developed into a brand for series work. The selection runs up to about 45 different series of pipes, mainly in modern shapes that are especially popular among the younger pipe smokers.

In 1954 the designer Lothar Schirwitz starts his career at the DB factory, becoming the head of the pipe production unit at the end of the sixties. According to the German habit pipes have the typical 9-millimeter filter system. Export to England and the United States is the most important.

In 1992 a factory from Thüringen is taken over, to add new techniques and new skilled workmen to the staff, increasing the level of quality production. The annual production is around 30.000 pipes.


Most series that Design Berlin produces show the typical German fashion: rather massive, large pipe bowls with a stem, shorter than on English and Danish pipes. The series show unity in finish but a variation in shapes that reflect the taste of the general pipe smoker.

Products with ralley-stripes or with brass rings on the top of the bowl can be found. The Gotha-series show mountings based on the traditional spigeots, however in these German products the filter system is incorporated. Also colourfull pipes from the so-called Creativ series and special pipes designed for right- or left-handed persons are part of the line.

Another characteristic of Design Berlin is the habit to include a double smoke tube in the mouthpiece. This feature makes the stem, usually made of acryl, stronger and less breakable.

As mark the products have the initials DB engraved on the mouthpiece. Special pieces show the full name of the designer as a signature, with or without the DB-initials.

The Amsterdam Pipe Shop selection

Amsterdam Pipe Shop stocks some of the series of ordinary pipes, typical for the German taste. In addition, you can find some special designs and limited editions in our shop, like the pipes with the carved tree leaves. Reason to stock DB-pipes is exceptional shapes or outstanding creativity. Prices vary from 50 to 350 Euro.

bijzondere tabakspijp met aan de ketelbasis een eikenblad, Design Berlin
Logo of the pipe factory DB including its explanation Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.
A page from the catalogue showing a-typical shapes with rather large bowls, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.
The series Mariner with two brass rings on the top encircling the bowl opening, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.
A series from their own design including the army mount copied from the English makers now with a filter system inside, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.
Contemporary shapes the bowl with a slim connection to the shank, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.
The luxurious Barolo series marked with interesting mountigs round the stem, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany. Characteristic German shapes with sportive detail in the two incized rings under the bowl opening, Design Berlin, Thüringen, Germany.

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