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The brand name Chacom is a combination of the family names Chapuis and Comoy. The factory was founded in Avignon, France in 1825, when the Comoy family started producing pipes there. Henry Comoy moved the production to London and from 1879 onwards he used his family name as a brand for his briar pipes. In 1922 the factory merged with one of his nephews Louis and Charles Chapuis. In the following period the production moved from London to Saint-Claude and several changes in names and ownership took place. The mark La Bruyère became the most important of the factory, since changes in names caused confusion.

Comoy's of Londen finally became part of the Cadogan-company, while Yves Grenard, descsendent of the original family Comoy, took over the leadership of the Saint-Claude factory owning the brand name Chacom. When the production ran backward drastically Chacom, Jeantet, Lacroix, Ropp and Vuillard united as the Cutty Fort enterprise. From that time onwards the factory is directed by Dominique Jeantet, the eighth generation of pipe makers and Yves Grenard, the fifth generation. At present Yves Grenard directs the factory, while his son Antoine Grenard assists since 2005.

At present about twenty persons work in the factory. Half of the pipe production is marked Chacom. Several other mark names are carried. The Cutty Ford enterprise also produces letherwares, buffalo horn and wooden products and all sorts of luxourious articles for pipe shops.


Standard in the shape assortment of Chacom is a series of 37 classical pipe shapes, finished in series differing in grade, luxoury and colour. Next to this, the factory also produces shapes designed by Yves Grenard and the freehand-artist Pierre Morel.

In the Chacom factory also many pipes for foreign customers are produced, among which we find the famous Davidoff line of pipes. They prove that the factory is not only into large series, but also guaranting high quality standard.

At Chacom the cabochons are dried in the traditional way, which takes at least one to two years, stored in sheds with natural air circulation. The process guarantees the sweet taste of the Chacom pipe, for which it is renown.

The Amsterdam Pipe Shop selection

Amsterdam Pipe Shop normally has over one hundred different classical shapes in stock. Here the traditional shapes are to be found in various finishings from ordinary to luxourious. These pipes vary in price form 80 to 200 Euro, although alredy Chacoms can be bought at 50 Euro. Next to this, also a selection of special editions and limited designs can be found, including the modern designs by Antoine Grenard.

The logo of Chacom, the word represents the first letters of the names Chapuis and Comoy.
Bent buldog shape in a chique finish in dark brown briar wood.
Cover of a product catalogue with a sportive look combining pipes and accessories including a golf ball, Chacom, Saint-Claude, France.
Unusual product made in the light brown boxwood.
A special design by Chacom: the pipe with the shape derived from a golfstick, Chacom, Saint-Claude, France.
From the popular series of graffitti-pipes in flashing colours.
Little tobacco pipe with string to hang round your neck, design by Chacom.
Traditional shapes with contemporary mountings together with their accessories, Chacom, Saint-Claude, France.
Tobacco pipe with globular shape designed by Antoine Grenard for Chacom.
Tobacco pipes on the outside covered with a colourful design, Chacom, Saint-Claude, France.

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